HRT and Menopause

In medical terms, the menopause is usually defined as the time reached one year after a woman's last menstrual period. However, people often refer to the time leading up to as well as the time after a woman's last period as being the menopause. The years leading up to the menopause are called the peri-menopause. The menopause is a normal stage of a woman's life.

The menopause is a natural event. Every woman will go through it at some point. You may have no problems. However, it is common to develop one or more symptoms which are due to the dropping level of oestrogen. About 8 out of 10 women will develop menopausal symptoms at some point. Around a quarter of women have very severe symptoms.

Symptoms of the menopause may only last a few months in some women. However, for others symptoms can continue for several years. Some women may have early menopause symptoms that start months or years before their periods stop (peri-menopauseal or pre-menopausal symptoms). More than half of women have symptoms for more than seven years.


  Symptoms can include:  
  Hot flushes Irritability Palpitations Feelings of not coping  
  Sweats Difficulty sleeping Aches and pains    
  Headaches Depression Loss of sex drive    
  Tiredness Anxiety Changes to your period    
Menopause Symptom Questionnaire

Please fill in this questionnaire and return it to the surgery when completed.