Is the new Parklands Medical Centre replacing the Locking Road surgery?

No, the new practice is an expansion of the existing services we offer at Locking Road which remains our main central hub. Our new Parklands practice will allow us to offer even more appointments and clinics, and a wider range of health and care support.


Can I register as a patient at the new Parklands Medical Centre?

No, if you are new to our practices and wish to register you need to do so via our main surgery at Locking Road. You can either register online or visit us in person to do so.


I am already registered at the Locking Road surgery. Do I now need to register at the Parklands Medical Centre as well?

No, all registrations are managed centrally at our Locking Road surgery for both practices so if you’re already registered with us you don’t need to take any action. You may in future have appointments at either surgery.


Can I choose which surgery I have my appointments at – Locking Road or Parklands?

If you’re happy to wait for your appointment you can choose where you have it. This will, however, mean a longer wait for your appointment. It’s far more important that you’re seen promptly if you’re unwell, so we would advise that you take the first available appointment offered to you even if that is not at your first choice of surgery.


How do I make my appointment for Locking Road or Parklands?

All appointment bookings are handled centrally by our staff at Locking Road. Please book your appointment via askmyGP or phone 01934 624242. You will be allocated the most appropriate appointment with may be at either site.


Are different GPs and practice staff available at Parklands?

No, we are one service across two sites and our staff will work in both practices.

Customer Notice

We are having a new phone installed on Friday 5th August. This should not affect your ability to contact the Surgery as the switch over should be seamless. Please bear with us if you experience any issues.

Kind regards,

168 Medical Group

Surgery Closure

Due to a national problem with our clinical system, we are unable to open the surgery for the remainder of the afternoon (Friday 26th May).

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 999. If you have an non-emergency query, please call 111.

Thank you for your patience.