Prescription fees

Prescription Charges and Exemptions
There are a range of exemptions from charges for patients. To find out if you are entitled to free NHS prescriptions follow this linkIf you have to pay for prescriptions, there are ways to save money by purchasing a Pre-Payment Card.

Pre-Payment Card
If you receive regular prescriptions you can save money by purchasing a Pre Payment Card. The link and more information is here. For example, you can pay 10 x monthly direct debit payments of £10.40 and this covers an unlimited number of prescriptions. This can also be purchased for periods as short as 3 months. You can sign up on line, its quick and easy.

From 1 April 2019, the NHS charges are:

  • Prescription (per item) £9
  • A 3 monthly PPC is £29.10 This saves you money if you need four or more items in three months
  • A 12 monthly certificate is £104 and saves you money if 13 or more items are needed in 12 months
  • PPC’s are available by 10 monthly direct debit payments.

The following medicines are free:

  • Medicines administered at a hospital or NHS walk-in centre
  • Prescribed contraceptives
  • Medicines personally administered by a GP
  • Medicines supplied at a hospital or Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) clinic for the treatment of a sexually transmitted infection or tuberculosis.