Registering as a temporary patient

If you are not registered with a doctor but need to see one, you can receive emergency treatment from the local GP practice for 14 days. You can register temporarily with a GP while away from home for work, study or holiday. 

You’ll still remain registered with your permanent GP. After 14 days you will need to register as a temporary or permanent patient. If you need treatment for more than 14 days you will need to register with that GP surgery as a temporary or permanent patient. For more information, follow this link to the website:

To register as a temporary resident in England, use Find services to find GP surgeries near to your place of residence. The surgery will ask you to complete a Temporary services form GMS3 (PDF, 81kb). 

You can register as a temporary resident if you plan to live near the GP surgery for up to three months but After three months you will have to apply to register with that surgery as a permanent resident.
Your temporary GP will pass details of any treatment you have to your GP, who will add the information to your medical records.

If your application to become a temporary patient is refused, you can still receive emergency treatment for up to 14 days.

What information do I need?

Try to have the following information with you when you see your temporary GP for the first time:

Customer Notice

We are having a new phone installed on Friday 5th August. This should not affect your ability to contact the Surgery as the switch over should be seamless. Please bear with us if you experience any issues.

Kind regards,

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Surgery Closure

Due to a national problem with our clinical system, we are unable to open the surgery for the remainder of the afternoon (Friday 26th May).

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 999. If you have an non-emergency query, please call 111.

Thank you for your patience.