Dr Chris W Clarke
Dr John D Heather
Dr Nicola H Friend
Dr Mohammad Alam
Dr Kate Fretwell
Dr Kevin Haggerty

Salaried GPs
Dr Jessica Haley
Dr Juan Wadey
Dr Holly Paris
Dr Ann Byrne
Dr Emily Boulton
Dr Jenny Hartley
Dr Charlotte Reddick
Dr Katy Wight
Dr Ellie Clarey
Dr Abbie Adams
Dr Alice Hardie

Management Team

Casper Føns (Executive Manager)

Accountable for strategic, business and compliance matters

Sophie Webber (Operations Manager)

Overall responsibility for day to day operational management of the practice.

Laura Baker (Finance and Estates Manager)

Responsible for day to day finance, accounts and building maintenance

Sharon Weaden (Admin Manager)

Line manager for the administrative team

Which GPs work on which days? 

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The Nursing Team

Marion Snelling (Nurse Manager)
Caroline Shawyer
Kate Springell
Bev Hemmens 
Helen Robbins
Fiona Hooper
Helen Anderson
Pauline Dean (Mental Health Nurse)
Jackie Walters
Sarah Cowlin
Andi Mackenzie
Adam Sloan (Mental Health Nurse)
Chelsea Snelgrove 
Magda Staszkiewicz
Robert Miller

Healthcare Assistants

Emily Allsworth
Claire Turner
Amie Pulsford
Tina Snelling
Suzanne Thorne
Laura Fryer

Customer Notice

We are having a new phone installed on Friday 5th August. This should not affect your ability to contact the Surgery as the switch over should be seamless. Please bear with us if you experience any issues.

Kind regards,

168 Medical Group

Surgery Closure

Due to a national problem with our clinical system, we are unable to open the surgery for the remainder of the afternoon (Friday 26th May).

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 999. If you have an non-emergency query, please call 111.

Thank you for your patience.