Dr Chris W Clarke (Partner)
Dr John D Heather (Partner)
Dr Nicola H Friend (Partner)
Dr Mohammad Alam (Partner)
Dr Kate Fretwell (Partner)
Dr Kevin Haggerty (Partner)
Dr Juan Wadey (Partner)
Dr Rosemarie Potts (Partner)

Dr Jessica Haley (Salaried GP)
Dr Holly Paris (Salaried GP)
Dr Cheryl Cottrell (Salaried GP)
Dr Ann Byrne (Salaried GP)
Dr Emily Boulton (Salaried GP)
Dr Claudia Lim (Salaried GP)
Dr Chris Scott (Salaried GP)
Dr Stephen Egas-Kitchener (Salaried GP)

Management Team

Eloise Poynter (Executive Manager)
Responsible for strategic, business and compliance matters
Becky Alford (Operations and Performance Manager)
Overall responsibility for day to day operational management of the practice.
Laura Baker (Finance Manager)
Sophie Webber (Admin Manager)
Line manager for the administrative team
Nicky Leighton (Patient Services manager)
Nicky is also our Complaints Manager

Which GPs work on which days?

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The Nursing Team

Sister Marion Snelling (Nurse Manager and Advanced Nurse Practitioner)
Sister Caroline Shawyer (Specialist Nurse)
Sister Helen Robbins (Practice Nurse)
Sister Bev Hemmens (Practice Nurse)
Sister Fiona Hooper (Practice Nurse)
Sister Sally Davis (Practice Nurse)
Nurse Allison Nutt (Practice Nurse)
Nurse Jackie Walters (Practice Nurse)
Nurse Sarah Cowlin (Practice Nurse)

Healthcare Assistants

Julie Snelgrove
Chelsea Snelgrove
Claire Turner
Amie Pulsford
Tina Snelling
Suzanne Thorne

COVID Boosters

We are currently receiving a large number of questions regarding COVID 19 boosters.

We would like to assure all our patients that we will contact you when it is your turn to be vaccinated. As with the original vaccination programme, patients will be called for the vaccine in order of priority.

Please don’t get in touch with us about your vaccine unless you have received our invite to book. If you have not received an invite, please wait for us to make contact with you, we will be in touch when we are able to vaccinate you.