Conditions at 168 Medical

Please find below information on common conditions that you may suffer from and how we can help.


Measles is an extremely contagious disease.  The MMR vaccination provides immunity for this, along with some other options for patients to get this essential protection.

If you think you, or a family member, have been infected by measles, please DO NOT COME IN TO THE SURGERY.  Please telephone the practice in the first instance.  You will initially be booked to speak with a GP and then will be invited in to the surgery at a specified time.  Don’t be offended if we ask you to wait in your car and come and collect you from there!  As this disease is so infectious, it is possible to contract it in as little as 15 minutes in an area with an infected person.  We want to keep our other patients safe, especially given that some patients have suppressed immunity and we want to protect them, as well as you.  Please give the reception team as much information as you can when you call so that we have the best chance of identifying whether there is an infection risk before attending the surgery.

You can find really useful information on the NHS website here:-

Please ensure your child receives the MMR vaccine

Aside from being protected against measles, it protects you from Rubella (German Measles) and from Mumps (Mumps is the leading cause of viral meningitis).

In order to eradicate Measles, herd immunity is required.  This means that 93-95% of the population need to be immunised. Immunisation rates have fallen below this threshold and this is why Measles has begun to spread.

Hay Fever

If you suffer from Hay Fever, you don’t need to see your GP to treat the effects.

Following NHS guidance, GP surgeries in this area do not routinely prescribe hay fever medication.

You can get advice and purchase medicines from community pharmacies rather than getting a prescription. Some medicines are also available from supermarkets and other shops.

To find your local pharmacy visit and enter your postcode.

Chronic Kidney Disease

National Kidney Federation

Call the National Kidney Federation if you would like to discuss your kidney diagnosis with their trained members of staff.

The NKF Helpline is the only national helpline just dedicated to renal patients, their families and carers, and continues to provide support and guidance.

Visit the National Kidney Federation for more information.

ME & Chronic Fatigue Support


We regret to confirm that this group has ceased. However, we have been informed that an alternative is being set up. We will update this page in due course.