Online Appointments

Faster and easier access to your doctor through askmyGP

Our current situation

Like many practices across the country, the impact of COVID has led to unparalleled levels of demand for 168 Medical Group. We are doing all we can to ensure those with medically urgent conditions are seen on the day. To support us to help those who need it most, if you are in the early stages of an illness or have a short term minor condition, please use the self-help guides on askmyGP or the NHS website to self-care. When you contact us, we will ask you what you’ve done to self care. With self-care, many minor illnesses can resolve without needing medical treatment from a GP.

If you still need medical help, please note that our telephone team may refer you to our physiotherapist, mental health nurse or pharmacist if your condition is suitable to be treated by one of our extended healthcare team.

Please remember that our team are here to help you. They are doing a difficult job in challenging times. Please treat them with the same level of respect as you’d expect in return.

Faster and easier access to your doctor through askmyGP

We are delighted to have launched a new service called ‘askmyGP’ – a fast and easy way to contact your GP. Wherever you are, you can request help from a clinician via your computer, tablet or smart phone. You will have the option to request email advice, telephone help or a face-to-face appointment. ‘askmyGP’ also enables you to see when your usual GP is working so you can request help from specific individuals. We respond in working hours between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. To use askmyGP, click on the logo on the right. If you have not already done so, you will need to register to use it and the system will guide you through a simple set-up process. If you require more assistance in setting up an askmyGP account, visit the help page About askmyGP.

Appointments with other health professionals

There are different ways of making an appointment to see a nurse or healthcare assistant either by phone or online.

Other online services offering healthcare

You can now access a range of different healthcare services online. We’ve put together a list of useful ones that will help you with a number of tasks such as accessing your medical records, ordering a repeat prescription, finding out about pharmacy services as well as general information about health and wellbeing, fitness or diet. Click here to see a full list of online healthcare providers.

Push Doctor Remote Consultation Service

We use the Push Doctor service to provide same day evening and weekend appointments for our patients. Push Doctor work with the NHS and provide locally based GPs. They are able to view your record, prescribe and make referrals as our GPs can.

All consultations via this service are carried out using video so you will need a smartphone or computer with internet access to use this service.

Push Doctor GPs can treat many conditions remotely, for example, skin conditions, mental health, aches and pains, sexual health and many many more. To access this service & book, go to the Push Doctor website and create your account.

Visit Push Doctor