Patient Participation Group

Welcome to the 168 Medical Group Patient Participation Group (PPG for short). We meet every 8 weeks to discuss improvements with the practice, raise issues and generally work together to improve the overall service for other patients. The PPG is well established and we are always looking for new members.  

We have now launched a Virtual Group. This is the group for you if you don’t want to attend meetings but want to receive updates from the group and the surgery to keep you ‘in the loop’ but not overwhelmed with information, you’ll be able to have your say and help the surgery develop for the future.

We are optimistic that this will be an attractive option for people who can’t spare the time for the meetings and want to get involved but do so on their own terms. Joining the Virtual Group is easy – just email us and we will put you on our distribution list. 

If you have any questions just drop us a line or call 01934 628118 or 01934 624242.

However you want to engage, we are particularly looking for young people (ages 16-25) to help us by giving their views and opinions on what information and services other young people want.  In particular we are interested in any views on what information young people need from this website – do you want your own page? What would you put on it?

If there is anything you wish to raise as a patient – whether that be a question, query or concern. Please email us or ring 01934 628118 or 01934 624242.

Thanks for being a patient here at 168 Medical Group

The PPG is an Affiliated member of the National Association for Patient Participation.