Our team at 168 Medical



  • Dr Mohammad Alam
  • Dr Chris W Clarke
  • Dr Kate Fretwell
  • Dr Nicola Friend
  • Dr Kevin Haggerty
  • Dr John D Heather

Salaried GPs

  • Dr Abbey Adams
  • Dr Emily Boulton
  • Dr Ann Byrne
  • Dr Jessica Haley
  • Dr Alice Hardie
  • Dr Jenny Hartley
  • Dr Adam Massey
  • Dr Holly Paris
  • Dr Michelle Perera
  • Dr Charlotte Reddick
  • Dr Katy Wight

Which GPs are working on which days?

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Advanced Nurse Practitioners

  • Amanda Henriques
  • Karen Jarratt
  • Kathleen Springell

Physician Associate

  • Melanie Wedgbury

The Nursing Team

  • Marion Snelling (Director of Nursing)
  • Bev Hemmens
  • Helen Anderson
  • Audra Burnett
  • Zoe Carraud
  • Sarah Cowlin
  • Katie Davis
  • Fiona Hooper
  • Andi Mackenzie
  • Robert Miller
  • Helen Robbins
  • Caroline Shawyer
  • Adam Sloan (Mental Health Nurse)
  • Chelsea Snelgrove
  • Magda Staskiewicz
  • Jackie Walters

Healthcare Assistants

  • Emily Allsworth
  • Molly Mangan
  • Amie Pulsford
  • Tina Snelling
  • Suzanne Thorne
  • Claire Turner

Management Team

Casper Føns (Executive Manager)

Accountable for strategic, business and compliance matters.

Sophie Webber (Operations Manager)

Overall responsibility for day to day operational management of the practice.

Laura Baker (Finance and Estates Manager)

Responsible for day to day finance, accounts and building maintenance.