Patient Newsletter: March 2024

168 Parklands Medical Centre

The PPG and 168 Medical Group are delighted that our Branch surgery, 168 Parklands Medical centre successfully opened its doors to patients on January 8th, following several successful test clinics in December 2023.

The building is used by our 168 Medical Group Clinicians and Nursing team, along with Winscombe and Banwell Surgery.

As we now operate from two sites, your appointment may be at either 168 Locking Road or 168 Parklands Medical Centre, depending on availability of the health care professional that you need to see. You will be advised which site your appointment is at when you make your booking.

Bus Route to Parklands

To travel by bus from 168 Locking Road to Parklands Medical Centre, patients are recommended two options:

  • Catch the X1 (Locking Road) into the Weston Bus Hub at Alexandra Parade. Then catch the No.7 to Parklands.
  • Directly, using the number 7 bus (from Milton Road)


168 Medical Group recognises that the last couple of months have been challenging in trying to meet Winter demand and therefore patients have had to wait longer than normal.

We are pleased to confirm that services are improving and in the last few weeks 84% of phone calls were answered within 5 minutes, on average.

Retirements and new starters

It is with sadness that the PPG and 168 are saying farewell to three Doctors soon.

Dr Chris Clarke, one of the Partners, has been a GP with the Practice since 1985. Dr Clarke will be missed by all his patients, but the PPG and 168 wish him a very happy retirement when he leaves in June.

Dr Juan Wadey has been with the Practice for 20 years and is leaving at the end of March. He will be missed by all his patients, but the PPG and 168 wish him all the best for the future.

Pauline Dean has been one of our Mental Health Nurses for 7 years. She also retires at the end of March and the PPG and 168 wish her a very happy retirement.

However, the PPG and 168 are happy to confirm the arrival of Doctors Adam Massey and Michelle Perera – we welcome them and look forward to working with them. They both started working with us in February 2024.

We are also happy to welcome back Doctors Alice Hardie and Abbey Adams from their Maternity Leave, both are due back in April.

Smear Education morning

The Practice is holding a Smear Education morning on 23/3/24 at 168 Locking Road between 09:00 and 12:30, with coffee and cake provided.

Are you due your smear test or not quite sure about it? Appointments are available on the day – no need to book.

We understand you might find having a smear test difficult for lots of reasons.

If you want to ask questions, talk through concerns, or have your test, come and join us for a chat and support.

Donations to 168 Medical Group

The PPG has been approached by a few patients enquiring whether 168 could make use of donations, from patients, to purchase equipment that would benefit all patients. One patient in particular asked if this was possible in memory of her beloved Mother, who was a patient at 168.

168 and the PPG are very aware of the impact upon both patients and the NHS of the Cost of Living crisis. Therefore, any donations which patients would like to make would be gratefully received and used to purchase items that benefit patients and the Practice.

The PPG would like to draw your attention to the large blue chair in the waiting room at 168: this was purchased for the use of older or disabled patients some years ago. This chair was bought with donations in memory of Betty Rundle, by her family and friends

If your condition worsens…

It has been brought to the attention of the PPG that if patients receive an askmyGP message that their request will be dealt with within a few days, but no more than two weeks, and the patient feels their condition requires attention sooner the advice is to call the surgery and the issue will be escalated. Please do not use the askmyGP open link from your original request, as it may take longer to triage this way.

Please telephone the Practice on 01934 624242 to escalate the urgency of your condition. In an emergency please dial 111 or 999.

Spring Covid Vaccination Programme

The spring Covid campaign starts on 15/4/2024 and the cohorts are:

  • Adults aged 75 years and over
  • Residents in Care Homes
  • Individuals aged 6 months and over who have weakened immune systems

 More information is available on the Government website:

Spring Covid Campaign

Dedicated Prescription line

168 Medical Group have introduced a dedicated phone line for prescription queries, which is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 12:00. It is a new menu option when you call the main number 01934 624242.

The Practice has identified a number of phone calls each day where patients ask for advice about their prescribed medicine. Previously, this was passed between teams but the Practice is trialling this new service, where your prescription questions will be directed to a person who is skilled to answer most of those queries.

Please note: this is for questions only, this cannot be used to order or request medications.

Ordering items that are not on your Repeat Prescription List

It has come to the PPG’s attention that patients are using askmyGP to order such items because they cannot see them on their Repeat Prescription List.

The advice from the Practice is: Please use either Patient Access or the NHS App

Scroll down to the box where you can type a message to the Practice.

You may need to scroll to the second page to access the box, but, once found type your request into the box and send it to 168 in the usual way.

For patients who do not have Patient Access or The NHS App please ask your nominated Pharmacy to order such items on your behalf.

Calling patients who love DIY

As a Practice, 168 Medical Group is focussed on caring for its patients, but also its staff.

To ensure staff wellbeing, 168 Medical Group are starting a project to build and improve the outside staff areas. Ideas include: Seating, overhead-cover, flooring, plants etc.

We would welcome any volunteers who can offer their time and experience to contact the Practice at

Shingles Vaccination Programme

168 Medical Group has started delivering the National Shingles Vaccination programme. It can be quite complex and challenging to understand this programme, so we hope this picture helps to show you when/if your Shingles Vaccination is due.

Eligibility for shingles vaccine

Pharmacy Referrals

Patients can now visit their Pharmacy for help and treatment for the following seven conditions:

  1. Sinusitis
  2. Sore throat
  3. Earache
  4. Infected insect bite
  5. Impetigo (a bacterial skin infection)
  6. Shingles
  7. Uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women

If you have one of these conditions please consider visiting your Pharmacist as you are freeing up urgent appointments for other patients at 168 Medical Group.

Don’t worry, if the Pharmacist feels a GP should see you for any of the above conditions, you will be redirected to the Practice.

Join the Patient Participation Group

Our Patient Participation Group (PPG), currently, has a full complement of face-to-face members but are happy to welcome virtual members. 

Please contact us at if you are interested.

For those working in agriculture or farming

This is a call-out to any of our patients, or more likely friends and relatives, working in agriculture or farming: Have you heard about the Junction 24 Farmers’ Health Clinic?

This is an initiative to help you access a support network of peers, in the farming community, and get your basic checks like blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

It can be found on the following website:

Farmers Health Programme

Our Clinical Team


  • Dr Abbey Adams (mat)
  • Dr Mohammed Alam 
  • Dr Emily Boulton
  • Dr Ann Byrne 
  • Dr Christopher Clarke
  • Dr Kate Fretwell 
  • Dr Nicky Friend
  • Dr Kevin Haggerty
  • Dr Alice Hardie (mat)
  • Dr Jenny Hartley
  • Dr John Heather 
  • Dr Holly Paris 
  • Dr Charlotte Reddick 
  • Dr Juan Wadey 
  • Dr Katie Wight
  • Dr Adam Massey
  • Dr Michelle Perera


  • Jayne Coombs
  • Helen Anderson 
  • Sarah Cowlin
  • Bev Hemmens
  • Fiona Hooper
  • Andi Mackenzie
  • Helen Robbins 
  • Caroline Shawyer
  • Chelsea Snelgrove 
  • Magda Staszkiewicz 
  • Jackie Walters
  • Robert Miller
  • Katie Davis
  • Audra Burnett
  • Sally Davies


     Mental Health Nurses

  • Pauline Dean
  • Adam Sloan



  • Marion Snelling
  • Karen Jarratt
  • Kate Springell
  • Amanda Henriques

     Physician Associate

  • Melanie Wedgbury


  • Emily Allsworth
  • Amie Pulsford
  • Tina Snelling
  • Suzanne Thorne
  • Claire Turner
  • Molly Mangan


  • Lisa Riddiough
  • Kirsty Millard


HCA: Health Care Assistant
ANP: Advanced Nurse Practitioner


Patient Feedback

Patient feedback is always welcomed, both positive and negative, as it helps 168 Medical Group to improve services.

Patients can contact the Practice at to leave any feedback or complaints.

However, for all medical matters, askmyGP must be used.

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